Refresh your Website with the Latest Web Design Trends

Tired of using the same web techniques over and over again? Well, there is more to explore with the emergence of various web design trends. Always be on the lookout to find what amazes you most.

The following are some of the current web design trends you may consider when looking to refresh your website:


Around The World Gif

Around The World Gif

If you are looking to draw more attention, GIFs are the best option to consider. However, you should avoid abusing GIFs as this can hurt your website’s User Experience. On applying this latest trend correctly, you will definitely bring back the thrilling and aesthetic look of your website back and eventually take your design to another level. GIFs always portray a deep understanding of the design and offers a high-end touch to any website. They are recommended for use on specific elements one is looking to make outstanding including sales pop-ups and the bestselling products.

Flashy Typography

Big typographies are one of the latest awe-inspiring trends you should refresh your website with. A number of websites are battling out to show their dive and creativity into uncharted waters. Typography rules were normally strict in the past with things like unclear lines and the hyphenated words regarded as taboo. Now, this is not the case. Flash typography is the harmless way of breaking the rules in Web design.

3D Geometric Shapes

The 3D geometric shapes are the solution to adding some shadows, boldness, and motion to the geometric style. You can think out of the box by adopting the material design that was introduced by Google. This has brought some new perspective to the geometric shapes thereby equipping the geometric style with enough boldness, motion, and geometric shapes.

Pop Art

More and more colors are emerging around the web. This is a sign that the edgy art is coming back. You can use this new trend depending on the demand of your business. Pop art is an amazing and fun trend to learn about. For a Wix user, it can be much simpler to acquaint yourself with this trend. Select your most preferred type from a collection of free images for an improved website look.

Customizing Your Google Map

3D Google Map

3D Google Map

Many people are now opting for ways of customizing their Google Maps to stand out from the rest. The usual Google Map has become so common that almost every customer has got used to it. One of the common problems associated with using the same type of Google Map is the similar outlook portrayed by various websites. It is somehow disappointing to discover that you are sharing almost similar outlook with another website. It is time change all that. Get yourself a customized Google Map that compliments with your design. You can consider personalizing your Google Map to ensure you look unique in the mind of your customers.

Modern Retro

Modern Retro is one of the newest trends to refresh your website with. The Retro with the modern twist is now the order of the day in web design. It has influenced the web design for some time now and is now getting even better with a large number of websites applying it.


Cinemagraphs are defined as still photos with elements portraying repeated movements and is now becoming famous. A nicely done cinemagraph can be visually thrilling. Cinemagraphs can manifest in either video or GIF files with both having the capacity to result in large file sizes suppose the cinemagraph was of a higher quality. NOTE TO DEVELOPER: Kindly link “Cinemagraphs” to the article “Acquaint Yourself with Web Design Trends in 2017.”

Modular Design

Modular And Flexible Content

Modular And Flexible Content

Modular design has been gaining fame recently. It is a web design approach that uses a modular, block grid pattern to display the elements. The modular approach is important in defining each content element clearly. One of the popular companies, Build in Amsterdam, has introduced an exceptional modular design website. Modular design is one of the current web designs to consider when looking to refresh your website.


Flexbox makes a CSS3 layout mode very efficient and predictable to if you are working with page layouts, which will be shown by use of different screen sizes and devices. The Flexbox is steadily garnering popularity and it is now time for you to give it a try too. You won’t have any problem with your modern web browser as it can be supported by all the latest browsers.

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