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Thread: Over-Designing!

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    mindofmel's Avatar
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    Feb 2008


    I suffer from a chronic condition of over-designing lol

    I forever finding myself wanting to add to a design.. an extra brush there, an extra color there etc etc.. often leading me to over-complicate designs... and i find designing with white as the primary colour HARD... its wierd... i LOVE designs that are beautifully simple and find it impossible to just place a subtle symbol and text on something... One of you "richard gray" i think posted his new business cards on here, its literally sum text and 1px line sin one corner and then just some contact details and its QUALITY... if that was me i would have had to splash colours etc everywhere.. not really sure on the point of this post lol

    do any of you ever struggle to just STOP and say... FINISHED!

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    Haha thanks for the compliment mate!

    Fact is, you can sit there and change designs till the cows come home and beyond, but there does need to be a point where one needs to stop. Often a period of experimenting, be that on a mac or otherwise can get that out your system, perhaps because you're then aiming for something rather than a stab in the dark.

    With most stuff, I go into it with a open mind but byt the time I am starting to create artwork, I've got a fair idea of the sort of 'feel' i want the creative to have, if not the look.
    Richard Gray
    zumojuice | Facebook | Twitter

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    When I first started out, I suffered from over design or underdesign...: ). But now, I love white space...not too much and not too little. Unfortunately my clients like overdesigned pieces. It's difficult to make clients understand that it should be clean, but they want more information for their money.
    Christina Wilkinson
    Sabre Design

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    I really like your clearer stuff. but its true, some clients want more. I think it all comes down to how you start with the client
    Richard Gray
    zumojuice | Facebook | Twitter

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    haha thats very cool.
    Richard Gray
    zumojuice | Facebook | Twitter

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    rossable's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Columbus, Ohio, United States
    i've found that sketching out ideas first and narrowing your focus to what is needed instead of starting in with nothing but imagination does wonders. the more you sketch the less time you waste in actual production thereby saving your self time/money. it's typical to start will too many elements in a design and then whittle it down to the point where there is not enough elements to convey the message appropriately. sketching helps you quickly focus on what is needed and thereby maintain balance in your work.
    website | not a website

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    Its a good start point. But allow yourself to see the sketch as a starting point. Often that bit of type you wanting to try just won't work and you'll need try something else.
    Richard Gray
    zumojuice | Facebook | Twitter

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