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Thread: Estetica Design Forum || CSS or Flash Site of the Day

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    Estetica Design Forum || CSS or Flash Site of the Day

    Thought it would save starting multiple threads, there's some really nice ones about lately...

    BEKA, looking at cookware from a different angle

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    Laura Lynne
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    I quite liked this one

    Kalyan Chatterjee

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    Yeah i like the look of that, it's like what I'm aiming toward as a beginner.
    One small problem if it is one, Using Ctrl+ to resize the page throws it all out, is this common or a design fault?

    I'm lacking experience so wouldn't know.

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    Works fine in FF. You have to go WAY big or small for it to affect it. They could set limits, if it were a concern.
    The W3C hope to make this a standard.. see the info HERE

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    Yep, only a problem in ie7 does that sound familar!

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    ever looked at csstux - The best dressed sites on the web
    it is a showcase of the best css sites on the web

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