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Thread: Export to SVG for photoshop

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    Export to SVG for photoshop

    I'm just looking for a SVG export tool for photoshop, anyone know if such thing exsits?

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    Can't you just drop it into illustrator and save as SVG. If not try something like...

    Download SVG Import/Export Converter, SVG Import/Export Converter 1.6.7 Download

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    Yep, try the plug-in SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite by Scand Ltd. You can get it here Scand Ltd - SVG Kit 1.0.8 for Adobe® Creative Suite® It even spits your SVG file into layers automatically.

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    Free script that exports PSD to SVG

    Theres a free script that does it now. Its on Hacking UI. Cant post links here yet, but if you search for hacking ui you'll find their psd layer to svg script

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    Why would you want to take something from Photoshop and make it an SVG? Photoshop is tasters. It's better to do it in Illy.
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