If you are using the Internet, chances are you will see this logo at least once a day. This logo is a testimony to the fact that Google likes things to be simple. The logo is very simple, has primary colors and has nothing artistic. Unlike other “designer” logos, this one isn’t meant for conveying a message. This logo just happened and became one of the most famous icons of the Internet.
Sergey Brin created first Google logo in September 1998 in the open source graphics software GIMP. And since Sergey wasn’t a designer, he applied simple effects that any novice graphics artist would apply to a piece of text in a powerful image editing software. Sergey used primary colours, added some emboss effect to make it look like 3D and Google had its first logo ready!
Later in November 1998 they added a shadow to the letters, changed the colours a bit and added a Yahoo! like exclamation mark which was quickly dropped.
The current Google logo is slimmer and sexier. It was designed by designer Ruth Kedar. The logo uses a font called Catull.
In 1999 Larry Page and Sergey Brin visited the Burning Man Festival. They modified the Google logo to indicate that they will be at the festival. Some of the users though Google had adopted that logo forever an they received quite a few messages praising or criticizing the new logo. Larry and Sergey were encouraged by this experiment and they deiced to celebrate various events in Google style through a Google Doodle. Initially they were designed by were designed by an outside contractor later the task was given to intern designer Dennis Hwang who designs them to this date.