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Thread: Personal logo

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    Personal logo

    Hi folks,

    here are some designs i made for my new website and my stationery.

    What do you think? Please crit...

    for info here is the old logo :

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    Nice. I really like the dp letterforms. 2 is my choice.
    “Wisdom is the reward for surviving our own stupidity.”

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    I like 1, unique text style

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    not keen on any of the typefaces - personally would have gone with something more traditional for something that basic

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    Hi David,

    I like the second treatment best I think the interaction between the D and P is interesting. I do really like what is on your website pic though. I like the open letter spacing and cleanness of it.

    I am a label designer and I am interested in knowing what software you use for your simulations. I am using Carrara currently and I am very green at it. I do believe if I knew how to make layouts look like yours I could sell anything!

    Currently I am working on Organic wine do you have any font suggestions?



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    Thanks for your comments.

    i'm using Carrara too (for the rendering) and Hexagon for the modelling. i'm satisfied, these softwares are very easy to use and not expensive. Both are in french/english.

    About your organic wine , i do not know maybe can you post your "work in progress" to help.



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    Thanks for the info. I'll have to check out Hexagon. You create you bottle there than import and color? Are there additions or plugins that yo have purchase that are helpful? I use the Junior version of Carrara. I just render bottles. Would you recomend the full pro version?

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