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    Cecept Sketches for 3d Animation

    *EDIT* yeah i now realise i have spelt concept - cepcept, again this is alchohol talking!

    Ok so im taking a unit this semester called Animation for Characters where we will be designing modelling rigging and animating a character using 3ds Max.

    Now before i get started i have to come up with some concept designs of my character (front side top etc) of them standing in the T position

    Now i have decided to do a pick and mix of cartoon characters into one model.. for example the head of woody, a leg of a power ranger and a leg of a turle, an arm of popeye and an arm of superman.

    Something along those lines anyways. Now i have to hand draw these characters before i start to model them and my drawing skills SUCK!

    So what i propose to do is find images from the net - hopefully concept sketches of such characters, create the character in photoshop and then print it off and trace over them - thus giving me concept sketches to work on.

    Now this is where i need some help. Im findiing it hard to get hold of suitable images to do this with. infact very hard so if anyone knows of any good sites where i can get concept drawins from disney films etc that will be much appreciated

    OR if anyone is a good artist ill be more than happy to give them some dollar to do some concept sketches for me

    Thaaaaanks! :flowers:

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    sarah's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Inverness, Scotland
    Here's a muscly turtle arm to start you off!

    Sarah Patience BDes. :: Freelance Graphic Designer

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    sarah's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Inverness, Scotland
    ooh didn't read properly, should have been a turtles leg!

    Most of the characters you should find decent enough images to trace from by doing a google image search. Look forward to seeing the resulting character!
    Sarah Patience BDes. :: Freelance Graphic Designer

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    i was thinking the same however its not the case :( finding it hard to get reference material - dont have to be the characters listed - im open to suggestions of what might look kool!

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