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Thread: Fonts

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    does anybody know any really good fonts that i can use for websites and for logos (they have to be free)
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    Probably obvious but worth mentioning: Just because you specify a font in a CSS file doesn't mean the user will see it. They can only see the fonts they have installed on their own systems.

    A nice reference to have is Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents

    There are several ways around this. One is use the font to create an image file, like a header. Another is Flash.

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    more web font stuff

    yeah, there is a good point there that fonts have to be installed on the system to be seen. There are also a few issues between different versions on mac to PC, so its good to test your site and make sure the fonts are coming up.

    When it comes to text though, you can use any font you like with images (.GIF is better for buttons and the like due to compression technique) but make sure you enter an alternative value - tends to tick a few of those accessibility option boxes.
    I've found you can use many good sans serif fonts to create a character for the site and back them up with arial or verdana for the body text.

    Don't forget these fonts were designed with screen readability in mind.


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    Do people still pay for fonts?

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    I remember reading that you don't need the font on your system during playback of a flash site/section, but flash is a whole new story.
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