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Thread: 3d work

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    Yo all, and hello fellow 3D Crazy People. Seems to me like the first thing to do is post a picture So here goes

    Hope you all like


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    hi mate
    are you using 3ds max and also what renderer are you using ?

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    No its not 3Dmax. Its Maya, and the renderer for the top image was Mentalray. the Second is a much older visual and was just Software renderer in maya.

    Any Reason inperticular?

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    well its kinda interesting to see what other people are using. and i asked about the renderer as it looks like your not using GI
    no biggy really sorry for asking ;)

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    No reason to be sorry. The second image didnt use GI, the first used a semi GI look, but didnt want to focus to heavily on it. It was an experimental project really. Hehe no need for the sorrynes always good to hear input.

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    is lost lol! render geeks!

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    quick lesson on GI Boogrape
    if you look at the two cornell boxes you can see that the one with the GI has more colour and light bounces in the dark areas.

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    Quick lesson in C++.

    lol we have are own things bro.

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