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    gazneale's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Chavsterfield, UK

    Documenting Workflow?


    I've just emailed my tutor with my idea, so i thought i'd also pitch it here to see what other people think.

    On the course we have to keep a diary/journal and sketchbook of our development in projects. And for me this can get slightly annoying because although i doodle and sketch most of my experimentations are digital and are all stored digitally.

    This got me thinking something like this:
    journal = paper, livejournal = online blog

    Therefore i could use a blog as a way of documenting my workflow as oppose to a paper journal/diary. I'm still waiting for a reply so what does everyone else think, and does anyone use this method already?
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    I don't use it personally but it is used and works quite well.

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    Feb 2007

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    its a thought if you could make it work I guess
    Richard Gray
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    i think its a great idea.. i would personally check it out as its nice to see how other people work.. and i think its taking it a step further too..
    life is inspiring....

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    nice idea. it's not the most 'unique' idea but that shouldn't stop you. I can see the benefit in it. it also gives you a great resource to reflect on the process of a project once it is complete - so you can change things if you feel they need it.

    keep us posted.

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    Laura Lynne's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    All Over The World
    read a great article the other day on how a blog is essential to promoting your business, very interesting but someone made a good point, why do companies have forums? Unless you're offering software support it seems pointless
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    Yes indeed. Businesses managed fine before the Internet, and well before blogs were around. I'd say that article neglected to note the fact that a blog COULD be excellent for increasing traffic to a site/business - particularly online businesses. That said a blog does allow one to publish thoughts and views beyond a commercial aspect which could be beneficial, or in fact a hindrance (i.e, just cause a person can have a blog doesn't make them an expert in their field).

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    Lyrics's Avatar
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    May 2007


    documenting work seems to be incredibly diverse from person to person. Still, writing is probably a good way to always go no matter how that's implemented - i feel like there should be more written aspects to my work flow.

    What i will add is that sometimes just visual progression and documentation/development is enough. Going through any kind of process i "iterate". On an image say, I'll branch my file every 30 to 40 minutes. Come a few hours i can see how i developed it. This becomes a mnemonic device so that i can explain the process well after it's completion even if i didn't write much.

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