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Thread: Jpeg optimization mac browsers vs. windows IE

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    Jpeg optimization mac browsers vs. windows IE

    I have some jpegs on my website that look great on my mac using Safari and Firefox but look awful on a windows with IE. I used photoshop to create them and saved them with the 'save for web and devices' function, quality 40, 'optimized', and converted to sRGB colors.

    the biggest problem with the graphic in IE is that it looks a bit more pixelated, notably the font, which is a type of cursive script, looks far less smooth than in Safari. I don't want the file sizes to be too big because the graphic appears on one of the main frames of my site as a banner, and it loads fast enough AND looks great on the mac so I don't want to enhance the quality more just for viewing in IE if it'll make loading much slower. would setting the option to 'progressive' instead of 'optimized' make a difference?

    help!!! thanks so much!


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    Have you added a size value, if you use an image thats 200px x 200px and you insert the size in the code width=100px etc. It will resize fine in Mac browsers but look pixelated in PC browsers. The only way is to have the exact size of the image to view.

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