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    Just HELP!!! (Please)

    All my fonts have been wiped by FontExplorer X, is there a straight copy of all system fonts on the XP disc so I can paste them over?! I'm stressed.

    PS It's on my other PC, the one with all my work on, the one I'm typing on now is fine...
    Last edited by Harry; 18-09-2007 at 08:24 PM.

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    I've got a question, how are you going to read our replies without fonts?
    Subtlety is my middle name... and first and last in case you didn't get the point.

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    Oh christ, I'm stressed out! Just deleted everything I wrote up there!! ****!

    It's on my other PC.

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    ack, sorry to hear that - it shouldn't remove the fonts at all when/if you uninstall it, damn. it takes all your fonts and gathers them together, places them in FontExplorer X - Font Library in your home folder (on osx here) i'm guessing that would be my documents on XP, have a look see if they are still there.

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    I've found a folder called "Deactivate" with an alphabetical directory as it happens. I've run a search for fonts in there, I'm gonna paste 'em back and restart the ****er! Fingers crossed.

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    Woohoooo! Yeah! Fixed it, God I'm lucky. From now on I vow to back up EVERYTHING!

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    You wanna kill this thread Toon? It's done with...

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