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Thread: choosing a name for freelance work

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    choosing a name for freelance work

    so I kind of went the "cliche" way of doing things and just used my first and last name with design behind it for my freelance stuff. but im wanting to change it now, i just cant figure out whether i want to use my name or an alternate name. i dont really like my name due to the letters in it and just doesnt seem to look right. I have two middle names though that I have been trying to work with but have come up with blanks. I even tried using my nickname but after awhile that wasnt working because it seemed too unprofessional.

    can anyone help me with some tips on how they chose theirs? heres kind of what im wanting to incorporate behind the meaning of my name.

    I want it to be personal yet professional
    obviously unique and creative (thats pretty much a given i guess)
    possibly something that will give that "oh! i get it." moment to the client, but not something that will cause them to have to think too long and end up losing interest.

    can anyone help me out??

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    thanks! iv been doing that too, even been asking some people to give me words that they think of when they think of me. ill be sure to check out those articles too.

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    Find out the origin of your last name and select a keyword from the description.
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