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Thread: What to do when a client won't listen to you?

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    What to do when a client won't listen to you?

    I have a client, I've actually had him for years and I've done several pieces for him. This time, I'm taking a 2nd shot at his website. Yes, I've already designed one for him before and I'm designing it again because he's not happy with the design. Why, because I followed his specifications to a T and no one likes the site.

    He's a film director and he's trying to put together his portfolio, but because he's eccentric in his films and style he feels his site needs to portray that. He gives me his photoshoped version of what the site should look like, and in my opinion, it’s gaudy, especially for a portfolio. So I go through my ‘simplify it for the user’ speech and he maybe takes one or 2 images out but still wants several different fonts, colors and a whole array of madness as far as the images go. AND he keeps changing his mind on how he wants it to look so I end up redoing the images several times and I can’t even get to coding the site because he decided to change how everything looked AFTER I started the initial code.
    How do you deal with clients who think they KNOW what it takes to design a wed GOOD webpage??
    Money is tight I don’t feel like I can be picky, but I’ve already spend several months with this person which was supposed to be a quick job for $400.

    This is one of the examples he sent me saying he wanted it exact. This will be present at the top middle of the page as a header. It's only part of it.
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    Sara Lound
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    Firstly never agree a quick job for anything, charge by the hour and sign a contract that way if it drags on you are getting paid for everything you do. It's 90% of being a designer, educating the client about design and what is best for them although I know it can be very though at times.

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    First you have explain him i.e, which is useful and which is not? If he is not listening to you then do as what he wants.

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    I cut a client loose for not wanting to pay addl money for extending his project scope.

    While I understand you need the money, sounds like you've been working for less than minimum wage already. So I'd cut my losses if I was you.
    Christina Wilkinson
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    "Fire" him. $400.00 quick jobs that aren't so quick have to go. Let someone else deal with him. He's not doing you any favor.

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    I'm with the others. Go your separate ways on this. One last ditch effort maybe to present it in a light that he may understand what you're trying to tell him. Ask him if he would take advice from you on how to direct a film. Perhaps he will get the point. If he doesn't, leave. It isn't worth the hassle you seem to be going through.

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    That image makes me feel slightly ill

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    Hi, Make him understand about the website design that how website can be design good and what can be use for this after that if he is not agree with then do as he wants or leave.

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