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Thread: Single Page Graphic Design Website

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    Single Page Graphic Design Website

    Anyone got any good examples of single page graphic design portfolios?

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    I'd be interested to see this.
    Christina Wilkinson
    Sabre Design

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    They has lot of inbuilt WordPress themes and lot of FREE!! offers. I made my own single page portfolio from there with low cost. make a website from make any site and get free domain name for lifetime.

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    some importants about graphic design:

    I want to share some importants about graphic design:-
    1. don't use flashes in your website header
    2. don't use your title in img format. if you want then use <img> with "alt tag".
    3. Mostly dont use coloured text font.
    4. use <h1> tag
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    Design posted by team members are really good. Thanks for sharing.

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    I am agree with toon, He explained very well.

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