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Thread: Hey everyone!! :-)

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    Hey everyone!! :-)

    Hey, hows it going guys?

    I got an email off a nice person called Kelly inviting me to join, so here I am!

    I'm primarily a front-end developer so you'll probably find me lurking around the CSS forum, but I also love getting involved with design and illustration too.

    Nice to meet ya!

    Cheers! :-)

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    Welcome aboard

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    You are welcome, enjoy the madness

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    Thanks! How did you come across my site?

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    Welcome mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinodesigns87 View Post
    Thanks! How did you come across my site?
    It was Cartoon Ninjas that bought you to me!!! Web Design - Block Head Website by Paul Jardine

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    Ha! Nice one. Also thanks for reminding me that I need to change the title of that page as its referring to one of my other projects...

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    Hi and welcome!
    Alison - Loiterer

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