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    I'm thinking of going freelance full time...

    Hi all, first post here...
    I am in the process of building up my freelance output, and am spending every waking hour asking myself if I have what it takes to go full time (currently working 55 hour week as an inhouse designer, so you can imagine it's a struggle to put the hours in that I'd like).
    Can I have some honest opinions as to whether you think my portfolio is up to the standard of a full time freelancer?
    I'm going to rebrand and upgrade to a snazzier website - but just looking for opinions on what the freelance community at large thinks?
    rjmgraphicdesign [dot] com (I can't post links yet)
    Thanks in advance. Be honest, but don't be brutal ;-)

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    Welcome to the forum. Please introduce yourself in our introduction section.

    I can't open your link on my handheld....too much work.

    I'll try to look when I'm on my regular computer.
    Christina Wilkinson
    Sabre Design

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    Hi Cwilk, I'd appreciate that, thanks.

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    Hi again all, this thread's had 60 views but only one comment - I'd appreciate massively any advice or whatever anyone can throw my way.

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    Feb 2012
    Hi there youve already answered this question for yourself with a no from being so uncertain.
    From what i can see on your website i would not give up your job yet i just think there is alot more options for clients out there sorry.
    If you are serious about becoming a freelance designer though i would spend a few months or even a year updating your skills and learning whats in etc and then approach when you feel your ready
    and you will be giving yourself a much better opportunity.

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    Hi MRH

    Are you a full time freelancer yourself?
    I'm not uncertain to be honest, I just want to get a few opinions from those who've made a success of it. I already spend every evening and weekend doing briefs, but just feel ready for the proper plunge.

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    Sheffield, UK
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    I think your portfolio is very good, it shows you've worked in a few different areas, I think you should be quite confident that you could do it full time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toon View Post
    I think your portfolio is very good, it shows you've worked in a few different areas, I think you should be quite confident that you could do it full time
    Hey Toon, cheers for the feedback.I see you're in Sheffield - small world.
    I've been looking at renting a work space, looked at Electric works, Burton Street Foundation, Bank Street Arts and Sheffield Technology Parks. Any others you're familiar with (I'm based in S6)?

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