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Thread: Hiring Photographers for Branding work

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    Dr Moony
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    Hiring Photographers for Branding work

    How do you guys go about hiring photographers for your branding work? Do you look local? Behance maybe? Any tips of what to look out for? Maybe they have worked on a similar product or firm in the past?

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    I take my own photos. It's easy enough. I've been reading up, taking tons of photos and learning more and more each day.

    No need to farm something like that out if you don't want to.
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    I think it's nice to be able to do it yourself. You will need a decent DSRL camera a few lights, maybe backgrounds - and I'm sure you'll have a good time - it's not such a hard task.
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    Also make my own pictures.

    Bought a cheap light-tent from ebay, and a set of photographers lights total £90,-.

    Incredible how easy it now is to make good shots of small (up to 80cm) items with this kit.

    I use a reasonable digicam but the lights and tent make 100% difference for indoor photography.

    Now I offer photography as a service, and instead of using stockimages I can now micro-charge my clients.

    It is usually expensive to hire a pro to make images for you, yes you will get the right shots but you should expect a few hundered pounds minimum.

    If a photographer is not local, you will have to pay his transport, and if the light is wrong on day one you need to hire him for day two-three etc.

    better of buying a good camera and some lights.


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