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Thread: Graphic Design Forum Rules

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    Graphic Design Forum Rules

    Respect the rules please or we may consider banning you.
    1. No advertising to members via PM system.
    2. Respect all members of the design forum even the Admins and Mods of this forum.
    3. Only use the English language in your posts.
    4. Please do not spam on the Graphic Design Forum.
    5. Remember to write your topics in the suitable category.
    6. No theft of other people's work. Any theft of work will result in an immediate ban with no explanation.
    7. If you have a question, please search for the answer on the Graphic Design Forum before posting it.
    8. The forum is a community. If you do not feel you wish to join and take part in this and will not contribute, you'll not last very long.
    9. Design showcase is a showcase of your latest development, not your services!
    10. Remember - if you post your site on this forum, it is representing your business. You then open your business to crit from other members, which will be picked up by the search engines. So if you don't behave in a way others will find acceptable, your name and your business will become open to negative comments. These will be included in the major search engines for potential clients to read.
    11. The Mods' decision is final.

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    I just want to elaborate on #7 by saying
    If it appears to someone reading your question, that you have not put any time into either solving the problem yourself, or writing a decent request for help, they will be less likely to put any time into answering it.

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