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Thread: Basics of Web Design

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    Basics of Web Design

    Web Designing is some serious consideration for any web design company. What matter the most is what you incorporate is really worth the expenditure. Somewhere deep down, one’s attitude towards the business, has a lot to do with the turnover.
    Here are some red flags that you need to avoid

    Think Small- Whenever you are adding an image to your website, make sure you optimize it. Slow pages are really annoying, and large images are the primary cause of concern. Hence, a web designer should take all the necessary steps to ensure that their site is loading at a fast pace.

    Make graphics relevant to the content of website- Undoubtedly, graphics should be relevant to the content of a website. A web design company should make sure that the images are relevant and accurate.

    Do not use animated images- Although animated images are a great attraction to consider, but be careful don’t use a flash or rotate. There have been many studies that highlight the fact that flash graphics are distracting and it annoys people.

    Layout and Design
    Standard Layout is the best- Some pages may use 6 to 8 frames other pages may use a layout where you have to scroll left to read out everything on the web page. These layouts look cute and adorable, on the first beat, but it will drive you crazy.

    Whitespace- Be careful about the whitespace. It affects how your content is viewed.

    Be careful about the fonts that you use- Generally, Sans Sheriff font is considered as an ideal font, while you are reading on the Web. It is easier to read on computer because screen resolution is not as high in contrast with the print page. If you use sheriff fonts or other normal fonts, it may appear blurred on the screen.

    Don’t use different fonts- One of the best ways to make your website professional is writing in a similar font. Too much of variation can be dangerous for your website. It is too amateurish thing to consider. Moreover, limiting yourself to 2 or 3 fonts is easy to read and appear more professional.

    Use a standard font- Standard fonts like Times New Roman, Rockwood LT Standard looks boring at the first instance, but your pages and design may look better and browsers can easily understand these fonts, as compared to stylish one.

    Keep it minimal- Undoubtedly, your readers are visiting your website for content, and they don’t come there to see advertisements. It may seem very luring to add lots of sponsored ads on your blog or website, but they won’t stick around to read your purple prose. It is quintessential, to make money from website, but if your page is filled with overwhelming advertisements, you may stand a chance to lose customers, at the first instance.

    Don’t add flashy elements to the ad- Treat advertisements as a normal image. If the content is relevant, readers will click it.

    Remember your readers
    Web design can be categorized as cheap web design and exorbitant web design, whichever design you choose, keep in mind the readers of the website.

    Even for a global website, you can use cheap web design services, provided you make the experience easy and pleasant.

    Also, don’t forget to test multibrowser compatibility because it may affect the readability of your website.

    The same is true for operating system- You can’t assume that if your website works in IE 5.0, the same will work in Macintosh too.

    All these elements play an important role in providing easy and rewarding experience to your readers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexdadda22 View Post
    Web Designing is some serious consideration for any web design company.
    WTF? :001_tongue:

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    A good website design is the result of careful thought and planning. I would say in short that one can make his website a huge success by focusing on solving users problems.
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    Some good advice by alexdadda22. Some sites can get away with very basic web design and that's not to say that others can't but having a professionally made, simple design can make a site more user friendly.

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    Thanks a lot DesignNewbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrypasencio View Post
    A good website design is the result of careful thought and planning. I would say in short that one can make his website a huge success by focusing on solving users problems.

    This is more like it

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