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    Copyright question...

    OK so i'm totally new to all of this and not 100% understanding copyright laws so I'm hoping someone can help me...

    At the moment I am downloading free vectors from to help with designing my logo's. I usually just use snippets of the vectors and change them dramatically anyway. I have read their copyright rules and it states they are OK to use for commercial and non commercial business as long as you attribute to them... ok fine, I've attributed to them on my FB page. But my question is... what happens when I then want to sell my logo's on to a business? Would I be allowed to do that? Do the business then have to attribute to them also?

    If anyone wouldn't mind help me I'd be very grateful. Thank you!

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    It really depends how close to the original designs the logo is, do you have an example?

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    If you supposedly design a logo for a client, they are expecting a logo they are able to copyright and trademark. So if you've used vector clipart in any way shape or form, they can't do that.

    When you decide to do this type of design, you must tell your client because they technically do not own any part of the logo to reproduce for monetary gain (based on licensing). You and your client could get in big legal trouble.
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    Not a very good example....That website doesn't allow use in trademark, logos or servicemarks.

    You can read about it here:
    Christina Wilkinson
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