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    can any one hlep me out.. in java script image problem



    i have tried to manipulation image in java script...

    <script language=javascript>
    <!-- function Big(me)
    me.height*= 3;
    function Small(me)
    me.height/= 3;
    --> </script>
    & try to expand mouse over the picture like:
    <img src="Images/midsize/midC.jpg" height="150" border="0" onmouseover='Big(this);' onmouseout='Small(this);'>
    i don't have that much experience... kindly guide me, thanks.

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    Well everything is terribly formatted.

    Not sure what your trying to do, but guessing you want the image to expand on hover?

    Okay so assuming you have called JS already this should give you an idea of where to start.

    jquery image expand/shrink on hover - CSS-Tricks Forums
    Imaginatio est principio creationis ★☆★ LWM - Moodboard - FB

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    thanks marble, actually i have not been trained & working him self that the only resone.

    by the way thanks a lot.

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