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Thread: Saving an animated GIF under 50K

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    Saving an animated GIF under 50K

    I'm making a series of animated web banner ads to be used in Google AdWords. The problem is that AdWords has a size limit of 50K. The banner that I'm trying to test with it is only a logo, a small line of text, a button and a texture. When I go to save for web it starts out at 195K and if i knock the colors down to 64, it's still at 145K. Does anyone have any ideas to knock it down to 50K that I'm not thinking of? Thank!

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    Less animation frames will be the only way

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    Less images, less transition effects..
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    Keep the design you have and when you go to save it, there's a section where you can 'Optimize for a specific size.' Open that and put in 50k. Then save your file and check it out in a browser.

    If it isn't to your liking, then start pulling out frames and making adjustment. I find it's easier to go backwards than forwards.

    I hope this helps.
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    You can take colours out manually to decrease the size

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