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    Wordpress like ecommerce solution


    Sounds strange I know but if Wordpress being free, easy to skin and nice all round what is the ecommerce version of this kind of site. I know there's ecommerce plugins for wordpress but I'd really like to find a stand alone solution

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    You would be looking at something like Magento.
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    WordPress is the best.......

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    WordPress +1.
    I think WordPress is the best, too.
    There are lots of free wordpress themes and plugins for you to opt for design.

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    Yes i had seen one of eCommerce plugin, it is good to developed products websites

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    You either want the plugin or something actually built for ecommerce such as magneto or opencart these things are more built for that, wordpress is designed for blogging but you can easily get away with building a shop on it
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    Hey dont forget Jcart, freeware and really simple.

    But nothing is like wordpress, many things are better, more are worse, but nothing is like the wordpress

    Dont really know what you mean with standalone whilst comparing it with wordpress, wordpress has nothing to do with ecommerce (perse), it is a blogging platform with plugins.

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    Wordpress is good as it has many plugins

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