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Thread: Your First Ever Website

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    Your First Ever Website

    Not sure if this exists, but I'm too lazy to search this morning...

    Basically, post a link to the first website (or a very old one) that you ever designed/built. Obviously this requires it to still be live.

    Check out this bad boy from 2007

    Gas Safety Training in the UK

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    Mine only exists as a screenshot now Centrereed Rotherham – Web Design | UK Logo Design

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    This with added "please enter here screen" | Welcome to Duffield Printers |

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    None of those are terrible for first websites, imo.. but lol at the enter screens. I remember when most websites had those.

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    I know I created my first one in late '94 early '95 but can't find it.

    But here's one from 1996 that I designed and programmed:

    And if you check out the other ones for this same company until about 2002, I designed those too
    Christina Wilkinson
    Sabre Design

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    Check out this peach from Jan 2005, can't believe it's still there, actually yes I can...

    CAME UK, Part P, what you need to know

    Although my very first at uni was on geocities, it's rather gone now...


    It's a framed site, amazing! AND I used BLINK on the links page.


    (I worked internally at the time, I managed to persuade them to not do Flash, which was a good call at that point in time)
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    My first website was

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    Quote Originally Posted by RusselsP View Post
    My first website was
    that's pretty good

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