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Thread: How to top Google images?

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    On page 3, thats impressive, and I've just noticed the images I put on Logo pond has shown up too on page 3. So this site is obviously very good, along with logo pond, any other sites I should upload to? Thanks by the way for the advice and help

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    Is there anyway, that when I put a image on another site, using the img /img html, that I can add anything else into the coding so it adds in a site link, name tag?

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    Not really, what you need is a site where they display your images with the correct tags, try blogger it's free

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    LOOK Cartoon BLOG: Flash animations, Illustrations and Caricatures

    So instead of posting images up to flickr, its better to upload images, with tags, to blogger then

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    Quote Originally Posted by CartoonScott View Post
    LOOK Cartoon BLOG: Flash animations, Illustrations and Caricatures

    So instead of posting images up to flickr, its better to upload images, with tags, to blogger then
    That's correct, but if you're really serious about making a business from this get wordpress on your base domain and pick a photo portfolio theme:

    WPZOOM Demos
    Photography Theme Free WordPress Theme
    Flexible Theme Preview
    Theme Junkie Demos
    ThemeZilla Demo | Theme: Volumes
    WPScientist | Theme: AREA53
    Prospector Responsive Portfolio Wordpress Theme Preview - ThemeForest
    FotoFolio | Free Wordpress Theme

    Install it and post your work as a portfolio tagging the pictures and using the wordpress SEO plugin's. You could even hire a web designer to invest some time and money to get it up to scratch, then you also have a built in blog to drive traffic and backlinks to the site.

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    I'll add Wordpress to my to do list. Okay, plan of action

    1. Update blogger as I've not used it for too long (I've been using facebook LOOK Creative : Cartoon Animation and Graphic Design | Facebook but you'll probably tell me thats been a waste of time lol)

    2. Get some more images on Logo Pond, it seems to do okay.

    3. Make sure all the images are named on blogger and link back to website

    4. Wordpress. I tried this before and I remember not being very good at it, well time to try again

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    Seems like a good plan of action.

    There is of course (assuming you are serious about this as a viable business) the option of hiring a web designer to set you up a wordpress blog/website so all you have to focus on is creating more cartoon illustrations...just putting it out there.

    Whilst I'm all for learning new things, sometimes it's better to accept that sticking to your speciality is the way to go.

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