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Thread: Portfolio Site question

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    Portfolio Site question

    To the ones that have a portfolio site of your work, do you watermark?? I have some nice layouts and screenshots of work I have done, but like everything else I dont know how I want to display it or worry about saying it was theres. Any ideas??

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    I don't, and I think watermarks are ugly and dates. We live in a time when sharing stuff via social media and blogs (images, links, etc) is the norm. If you've got watermarks all over your work, I don't think many people will want to share it, no matter how good it is.

    As for people passing your work off as their own, it would probably discourage them, but is it worth the hassle? If they don't pass your work off as their own, they'll probably just use someone else's. Personally I wouldn't worry about it (chances are you probably won't even know someone had) and instead just show your work at it's best.

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    ya you are right... Will go with what I had in mind. thanks.

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    I just posted a custom illustrated poster of mine on my company Facebook page.

    It got 117 LIKEs and 93 Shares in 2.5 days..... And it has a visible watermark.

    I usually watermark my personal artwork and custom illustrations but not my regular design projects.
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    Watermarks can be useful for some things, but like mentioned in the digital world they just limit the use of your material. I might recommend a very small visible "signature" of some kind that way if something is used it can be proven that you are the original creator. There are often some very creative ways to work this into your material in such a way as to make it nearly unnoticeable ;-)

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