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    i am an artist.

    My role is to improve the client's condition.

    Many professionals that I deal with develop a particular "philosophy" to validate decision making. I associate this stability with boredom and risk aversion. We live in an extremely dynamic world. What you don't know WILL hurt you.

    I began this spectacular journey of self reflection at the ripe, and pubescent age of 15 years. I learned the art of Zamboni driving. The epiphany hit me right away; "look beyond the literal Eric, and you'll see the light." At once, I taught my mum, my high school sweetheart, and my grandfather the art of avoiding a car accident on a snowy day.

    The internet was my oyster. The library was my oyster. The world seemed so clear, yet so complex.

    I solve problems by re-calibrating my state of mind. Non-heirarchical entry and exit points in a thought process, of a thought process. Deleuze and Guattari call this Rhizomatic thinking. I call it creative problem solving. This is not my "philosophy." This is my evolution.

    I studied Architecture and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. The most vital lesson i took from this experience was of rivalry. I was enthralled by the architectural "fluff." I would debate an engineer's ear off with any chance I got, but I came to a realization. All of that "left brain / right brain" hocus-pocus is irrelevant if you can identify with both the technical and the artistic. I'd strive to break the conditioning.

    Ill quickly add that I traveled the world after art school with my macbook and my creativity for 7 long and exciting years. This is where true self realization is borne out of. I lived, I loved, I learned.

    I improve the client's condition with intuition, versatility, and a dynamic state of mind.

    i love life, art, design, and bright colours.

    its nice to meet you all.

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    Nice to meet you too Eric, can't wait to read your other posts. You'll Blend into Community quick.

    Welcome. ;)

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    Welcome aboard

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