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Thread: need some designing help

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    need some designing help

    I offered to design a banner for someone. Problem is, I've never designed a website banner before, and I don't know where to start. I don't like anything I come up with.

    I use Photoshop Elements, I buying Photoshop CS3. There are some filters I want to use which are not in Photoshop Elements.

    Could someone design it for me please? The more concepts the better.

    Project outline:

    Pemberton Gifts - Home
    The banner will replace "Mitra Global CMS" the current on the website.

    Banner must include "Pemberton Gifts & Crafts"
    Banner dimentions: 885 x 193 pixels

    (Mitra Global CMS is the old name of the company, Pemberton Gifts & Crafts is it's current name)

    Kimberley Creative – Freelance Graphic Designer

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    is kimberley not feeling very creative today?

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    Could someone design it for me please?
    That's not helping that's doing it for you and people here won't work for free.

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    come up with YOUR OWN designs. post them here and we will HELP you by giving you constructive crits and pointers.

    you've got a tone of higher res product images... great to get some wood grain.. etc.
    "If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."
    Mike McKenzie - About Me

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    You'll need to find out what size the banner needs to be. A banner can't just be made any size. You can probably get a banner from someone on here with about $50.00
    Christina Wilkinson
    Sabre Design

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    Banner dimentions: 885 x 193 pixels

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    Just call me blind Toon. : ) I didn't notice it. Thanks!
    Christina Wilkinson
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