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    Hello all,
    I am a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester doing a research project on the intersection of pleasure and labor within the work of graphic design. I’m posting here in hopes of finding some individuals that would be willing to participate in a brief interview for this project. I am based in the UK at the moment (originally from Portland, OR), but would be able to conduct interviews over skype or via e-mail. If by chance you do live in the UK, I would prefer to do the interview in person.
    The interviews will be about an hour long and consist of some basic questions about the occupation and some more specific questions on the positive and negative aspects of doing this kind of creative work. All the information gathered from the interviews will be made anonymous in the final write up and all participants will be able to withdraw from the study at any point. In addition, this project has been approved by both the University of Manchester Sociology department and the University of Manchester ethics board and conforms to all of the institutional ethical procedures that these bodies require.
    If you are interested in participating or have any additional question, please e-mail me. Participation would be a huge help to me and the furtherance of academic research into the creative industries.
    Tyler H.
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