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Thread: Care to opine ... on our design?

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    Care to opine ... on our design?

    My employer is having our website overhauled & the website designer says we need a new logo. I'm hoping somebody here will offer their opinion.

    We're an engineering firm - we've always gone by "Telecommunications Consulting Engineers", & we work in Broadcast and Wireless Communications. In addition to logo & website re-design, we've even discussing variations on these terms, maybe reducing them to "Communications Engineers", "Telecom Engineers", "Telecom Consulting Engineers", or "Communications Consulting Engineers" ... "telecommunications" seems like an out-of-date term.

    Here's our current logo - I know, super lame:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	KGA old graphic 2012-06-01 1.jpg 
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    Here's what we've got so far on new one.

    Name:  KGA mini logo 2012-06-01 6.jpg
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    What do you think? Boring? Generic? Amateurish? Maybe it's supposed to be boring / generic since we're engineers??!

    Thank you for any thoughts / suggestions.
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    It looks very generic and a lot like a simple radio station logo without the meat.

    What I mean by that is the KGA is too thin so it competes with the other words. The icon of the waves are also in a bad spot. They could easily become a standard tower and look better.

    Communications and engineers fonts need to change.
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    Looks very dated and bland. It lacks character and style.
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    Yes, does nothing for me. Using audio curves is quite unoriginal and fantastically badly implemented. The KGA also looks squished which really is a no no for me and it reads "Communications KGA Engineers".

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