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    EU Cookie Law - What's the Score


    I'd like to know from the UK members of this forum what they're doing about the EU cookie law at the moment?

    UK ‘cookie law’ takes effect: What you need to know | ZDNet

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    I've implemented the following on my main page: Cookie Consent - a free solution to the EU cookie law but not rolled it out to my blog yet.

    It's quick and easy to put in place but not my long term solution. I think something like Channel 4's would be good in the future, but maybe not quite so large: Channel 4

    BT's is quite excellent, but I wouldn't know where to start: BT: broadband, TV, phone, home & business

    I blogged about the subject here with a link to the Guidance which suggests that taking steps that are a lot less invasive than the examples above could still be considered OK. Such as moving the privacy link to a prominent highlighted place with options therein could be the right solution for smaller sites! The blog post...:

    Blog, Portfolio & Updates | Kieran Harrod: The Cookie Law. Or the EU makes more work for you.

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    Many large companies haven't even bothered, is this a risk ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henryist View Post
    Many large companies haven't even bothered, is this a risk ??
    There's loads that haven't

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