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Thread: Go on, burn me :D. Need some feedback on revised logo.

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    Go on, burn me :D. Need some feedback on revised logo.

    I have been working on this one for a while but haven't had much time to invest due to projects. I have been working over the weekend and now have it at a stage where I think its nearly where I want it, other feedback has been very good, but want to see some professional opinions and most important suggestions.

    Please explain why you don't like it if that is the case, otherwise don't bother speaking as your opinion as it will be ignored. I'm looking for constructive criticism.

    Here are two variant of the logo. The circle coloured version will be used on the web with jquery to animate the colours on hover, it will also be used on some letterheads and invoices. The second will be used for avatars and most likely business cards as I like to keep my business cards very minimal with no colours or solid colours.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Colour-circle-MK5-Logo.jpg 
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ID:	7475Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MK5-Blk-lettering-wht-BG.jpg 
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    Overall I really like it. So good work!

    My only little gripe is with the top right of the 'swoosh' of the L. I don't like how it pinches in and it almost a flat line on the outer edge. I think it needs to follow a more elegant circular path round...hope that makes sense?

    Really like the colour choices in the first variation, they compliment each other well.

    I do really like this one, has a nice flow to it.

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    Thank you so much for the feed back, I think I get what you mean about the flatness on the top right. It should be more of a curve, I will take a tweak and see what I can get.

    It took me while with the colours, I wanted pastel colours but didn't want them too washed out. I was undecided if the dark centre should be more transparent?

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    I like the colors, and I think the center shouldn't be more transparent. It has a nice contrast this way.
    I like the idea of calligraphic logo, but this doesn't look like it's handwritten with a pen on paper. The thicknes is not consistent through the type, and it looks like the angle of the pen was changing while writing.
    I wan't to say - it doesn't look natural. So my advice is: take/buy calligraphic pen, ink, and practice a bit. Write it on paper, scan and then refine in Illustrator.
    I usualy have 20 to 50 tries before I get to write it the way I like, but it pays off

    This should help : (sorry I can't post links yet)


    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the advice, left a comment on your site your logo is superb.

    I am definitely going to get some pens and try my hand at this.
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    Love the colour mix

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