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Thread: Customized Search Box Problems

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    Customized Search Box Problems

    Hi, I'm trying to add a search box to my web layout that is similar to I followed this tutorial, Create a Fancy Search Box using CSS | ZENVERSE and nothing is showing up. This is what I have so far:

    Is there anyway I can fix that? Thanks.

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    your link dont work, bad start

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    Quote Originally Posted by amsterdammer View Post
    your link dont work, bad start
    Actually here's the image (never mind) and my customized search box isn't working.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fancy%u00252520Search%2520Box%2520Error.jpg 
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    How am I going to fix that?

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    Its really hard to understand what you have done there, can you put a link to html file? it will be easier...

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    I have a link to the file but you would need to download it.

    Vincent Lecavalier Web

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    first, there is no functionality in an image.
    second, learn to at least mark-up. coding may not be required but HTML is the web's ABC's.
    third, i'm not replying to this further to prevent myself from foaming from rage.
    website | not a website - great design forces grokking.

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    There is an index.html file in the folder.

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