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Thread: Thoughts on this?

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    Thanks for all the good info!!!

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    Absolutely loved it, so unique and powerful

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    Honestly, it took me several minutes to notice the window with their actual information in it (the about, services, contact, etc. window), so I'm not too keen on it. It's definitely innovative and creative, just not user friendly.

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    Hard to explain it really - I like the clean simplicity of the design and I like how the content slides in and out from the navigation but I think that the number of windows that open up when you load the page sort of let it down. It's not really that there are too many but the fact that there is no structure to them - they overlap each other and most of them are set behind the navigation - I figured out that you can move them around the page which is a nice feature but I think that it requires you to play about with it too much before you actually get on with looking at what you went onto the site for. Other than that it's quite good.

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    I could have sworn you posted something like this before. It is really cool, but for a non-technical user, when they start closing stuff and it disappears, I think it will freak them out and they will have no idea what to do.

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    Really not for me

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    It was certainly different but the novelty soon wears off and gets annoying.
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    Apart from the sweet background I don't really like using it

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