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Thread: Thoughts on this?

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    Thoughts on this?

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    It's odd, that's the only way to describe it. Not sure it really works for me

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    I don't know what to say about the floral gimmicks but i like the website simple design, it really works for me.
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    it's nice..!

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    I hated it until I realised that I could move the windows around. I don't think that it's immediately apparent. I think it's a great idea it just needs some work on the execution.

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    The loading time of the website is too long. This could bring problem to some of your visitors. I like the sample designs you featured here, they look good although I suggest you change the placement of the video and the image. For the social media buttons, you may place it at the upper right hand corner. Also, make the images look bigger.

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    The first thing I did was close all the windows. It's a different approach for sure, creative, but a little clattered and hard to use (in my opinion). Not a fan of little windows all over. They do have a great portfolio though.

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