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    Logos - critique please


    Hi guys, I posted a few logos a while ago.
    I've been working on some new versions and would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	logos-cakes.jpg 
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    I'm leaning towards #2. 1 is nice too. Regarding number 2 though, it's got some fun simplicity going on. The balance is good as are the colors (the pink might be too dark but I'm not sure on that one). I also think it has great potential alongside tertiary graphics. I would be careful of its size on materials, the weight of the lettering is a bit light. I might try knocking some of the words out in white to see what it does to the piece. At least to try.

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    Deffinately number 3 for me. I think it's got the most pottential to be a unique and memerable logo. Good progress on it, it's come along way since the first logo ideas you originally posted.

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    I like the 1st one (no.3 is also good).
    Nice work!
    I’m a translator. I translate from Ideatic to Imagian. Most people would call that being a logo designer. Most people. www.husaclucian.com

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    no3 is creative but the 1 st looks more complete

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    Hi everyone. Thank you very much for all your replies. Really helpful! Cheers!

  7. #7
    Number one is my choice. Good work!

  8. #8


    3 is the best

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