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Thread: Free Icon Download

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    Free Icon Download

    IconBuffet is home to a tasty plethora of free icons. Collect them, download them, trade them with your friends. They’re kinda like baseball cards, only without the steroids. And you can use them on your website.

    IconBuffet | Sign Up

    Take a look on some icon samples:

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    If its ACTUALLY free that'd be awesome, I know when i was looking for icons for my navigation it was very very tedious. No good ones anywhere, Ended up having to make some of em

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    You can get a limited number of icons by month, but they are actually free.

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    How's that spam he's offering free icons for designers???

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    he not introduced him self, or sed owt! nowts free! even icons! theres gunna be a catch sum where! if he wanted to advertise his icons he could have put them in the advertising section!

    was i a bit harsh? should i un-ban him??

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