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Thread: Logo Design

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    Logo Design

    Hello all!
    This is my first post at this page and I would very much like some honest critique on a logo I'm building. The text is just temporary, so it won't say "TROLLHUNTERS", but the logo is supposed to resemble one (a troll that is). Tell me what you think and what i need to change to improve it

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    Can't fault it, looks like a troll to me

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    Yeah nice and simple, work on the type a little and you'll be there

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    Let me try and break the concept for you, heh:

    Logo is for a forest which is really good for taking walks in. The forest has several paths that walkers can take.
    So the client asked me to make a logo and make it adjustable so that it can point the walker in the right way by putting up signs around in that forest.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My problem with these is that they might be too simple, is this the case (without the "trollhunters"-text, can you see that it a troll)?
    Do you have any suggestions for improving the concept, cause i'm kinda stuck at the whole trollthing, hehe

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    It's a good idea being able to use the troll to have a different action, I like it

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    Looks promising beginning, maybe not a bad idea to add some details, for example, some contours.

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    Thanks guys, for your input I'm glad it's not terrible
    I'll definitly make another version with some more contours to make it more recognisable though. And I'll show both versions to the client and they'll decide. Who knows, I might've missed the target completely, and have to rethink the whole thing.

    I've been thinking of implementing a walking stick, to keep more real to the purpose, what do u think?

    Feel free to tell me if there's something else you would've done different
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    I really like the idea myself

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