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Thread: Exporting from Illustrator always fails

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    Exporting from Illustrator always fails

    Every time I try to export as a jpg from Illustrator CS5 it says failed, it doesn't say why? I only do it at 300lpi, what other errors could it be?

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    It's possible that some layers or elements in your design are using illustator specific effects which are applied to vectors only - and it has a problem merging those effects before exporting... I had something similar happen once. It would never happen in photoshop, as photoshop would auto-flatten, disgard the alpha channel or whatever the hell was neccessary! But try flattening your artwork first before the export?

    Failing that, select all and drag the whole thing into photoshop, then save it as a jpeg... that's guarenteed to work and potentially save you a headache getting to the bottom of what may just be yet another adobe bug!

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    What is your document size?

    Do you have other software on your computer open? If so, shut them down and only leave Illy open, then save.

    And I agree that there may just be a bug with Illy.
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