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Thread: JFWEB - The home of groovy design

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    JFWEB - The home of groovy design

    Hi Guys,

    My name is AJ and I am a freelance designer, illustrator and web developer.

    I live and work out of Sheffield where I run a small but ultimately groovy little outfit called JFWEB that specialises in all aspects of design ranging from print, digital to web. We may not be a huge outfit but we are brimming with creativity and ideas.

    On the side of this, I run a blog to help me share my creativity and inspiration with others.


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    Guest Onion's Avatar
    Nice blog man

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    Guest Jeff_Folks's Avatar
    Love the buesiness cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onion View Post
    Nice blog man
    Cheers Onion, it keeps me out of trouble between design jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff_Folks View Post
    Love the buesiness cards
    Cheers Jeff, appreciate that.

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    Guest lillia's Avatar
    This is fantastic

    Nania Book Design

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    Yeah I love it, his work is amazing | A collection of all things awesome |

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