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Thread: Renewing a Pantone Book

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    Renewing a Pantone Book

    How long are they meant to last and when should you get new ones?

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    from what i was always told they can last a few years and only time you need new ones is when new color swatches come out. However I have always been taught the books are to be kept out of light when not in use to preserve the color from fading. Ive seen some that are sold as kits which are stored in metal cases.

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    24 months has always been the rule in studios. but I guess it's how much use they get? Ours come in a nice sun free box now so should last much longer

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    Pantone sends swatch books in dark containers to keep them from being in the light and fading. So if you're only taking swatches out every so often, they should last for years as long as they're being stored properly.

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