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Thread: Review my website please! :)

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    Review my website please! :)

    Constructive criticism is welcome!

    Welcome to RedBottle! | RedBottle Design

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    Hey there,

    I'd recommend doing all of the this...

    1. Sort out some of the hover-state link colors.
    2. Add username/password as default in the fields at the top, otherwise 'some' people/clients may not know what it is.
    3. On the homepage banner, you could have used a sprite on those hover images, that way there's only 1 image to load and not 4.
    4. The background gradient needs more work on each side.
    5. Get rid of the portfolio items on the portfolio dropdown, actually, get rid of the drop down altogether. The portfolio section is considered the showcase of your companies skill level. In which case you should really show off.
    So change the whole thing so when you click portfolio, on this page, you have various thumbnails / title / small description of each piece. Which then will click through to highly detailed project page, perhaps with larger screenshots or even multiple 'scrollable' screenshots of the work.
    6. The last item 'support' on the menu, make the dropdown not overlap the site width. Bring it inwards.
    7. Thats about it.

    Apart from taking the seo perspective, a design perspective would help for improvement.

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    I liked your site very much. The design is splendid, the colors and style are working well together.
    There is one little thing I would like to remark: the phrase:REDBOTTLE DESIGN // 2010 - 2011 // ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 14623
    it is too close to the logo by its left side. It is better to add some additional space between them.

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    Thank you Pavel I appreciate the response That will be taken into consideration.
    Also I feel that it is a bit wordy, what are your thoughts on that?

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    Also, I do agree with much of what you said Creative Taurus... I am in the process of revising now and this all will be taken into consideration!

    Thank you

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    Jamie Lucky
    Guest Jamie Lucky's Avatar
    Not sure I like the two T's in your logo

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    there is some problem with the gray gradiant on the right side just above the footer

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