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Thread: Rate My Tourism Brochure!

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    Rate My Tourism Brochure!

    I made this three fold brochure for a school project. Keep in mind that I am only a student, I am not a designer, I am bad at designing and I came here to improve.
    So please don't hate on this too much, be harsh if you have to, but please give tips! Help will be appreciated! Thanks :001_tongue:

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    I think the margins around the edge could be impoved slightly

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    Yeah, I guess those margins are a bit messy.
    What do you think about the color and the thickness of the margins?
    And how would you judge the brochure overall?

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    As Toon said, the margins need sorting. The colours are a bit bright in my opinion, I would be tempted to soften them a touch and use more pastely colours. Also, change the heading font. Papyrus is a horrible and overused font.

    I like the image choices, nice variation in there.

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    I would change the font also

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    I agree about the font Papyrus - I can't stand it. Also your margins definitely need sorting, you need some more space between the text and the edge. Have you considered using a 'typophoto' perhaps incorporating the text within the images themselves? You have used a different font for the contact us page, this looks a bit strange to me!

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    Jamie Lucky
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    Fonts, Colour and Padding all need looking at

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