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Thread: how do you do this type of design effect ?

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    well found out what it was that does that effect. its a plugin for photoshop called Fractalius and the person that used the plugin Fractalius on that picture did not make the flaming guitar them self.
    what she did was download some one else image and she just rendered it through the photoshop plugin
    Fractalius and it turn it in to what you see for an image I posted.
    which is kinda sad she using other peoples images and rendering them in photoshop plugin
    Fractalius and selling them on and posting them off as her own art work and tell people she did it using 2 different types of programs and it took her 3 days for each image she done.
    which is a out right lie the
    Fractalius plugin only takes a few minutes or less than a minute tops after you set the settings to how you want the pic to render out as and bam press render and its done.
    but its the same image as this image just this ones not rendered under
    Fractalius.Click image for larger version. 

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    So take your own photo and do the same thing. That's what I do.
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    In latest version of photo shop auto design tools are there you can try this with the help of them too.
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    These are the after effect to the finished image. It is possible in Photoshop with practice and brushes and the filter panel. And you also can create effect with blending fire images with your guitar image.

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