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Thread: Rate my signature.

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    Rate my signature.

    Hi guys,

    I am new to graphic designing, so I need your advice on this sig.

    The Sig is to advertise, my ebook 101 hacks and pranks.

    What do you guys think, and how can I improve the sig?

    Criticism always welcome:

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    Perhaps start by aligning all the elements together? The 101 doesn't look central to the rest?

    I'm not keen on the fonts, the 101 could tightening up tracking wise and the A with the overhang isn't at the top of my list of faves.

    It doesn't say 'hacks & pranks" to me more ice and water.

    The mustard background is a little dark, not sure I'd choose mustard and blue usually.

    You've obviously made use of Photoshop's FX, most folks on here might suggest that they be used more sparingly.

    A good go as an early design attempt.

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    Looking good but you need to change its background color.

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    The colors don't match, but cool font.

    Please work on it for a while longer before doing anything with it.

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    That is a interesting signature. I kind of like it.

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    For a signature it is humongous! It only needs to be about the 3rd of the height.

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    For a signature it's a bit to big in my opinion, I would like people before me said. Tighten it up and let everything blend into eachother so you get a nice and sleek look. This is still kinda rough.
    Hope I helped!

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