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    Oct 2010
    Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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    My New Portfolio Site


    Hello there people.

    After a long time of being very unproductive (I blame uni) I have finally gotten round to starting my own website. I've chosen to go for a nice minimal layout to try an just let the work speak for itself.

    Only got the homepage done so far, needs cleaning up before it goes live i know.

    The portfolio page will eventually have links to each project, which will then be laid out in similar fashion to that used on teh behance network.

    Lemme know what you think!!

    Mark Sims /designer/ | Corporate Branding | Logo Design | Website Design | Lincoln

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    The problem I've got is I love the slider with your work on the home page but I want it to fill the page, that's the main focus let it be

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    Also add a background around the container so the content stands our, agree with the slider

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    I think you need to add more elements, you design looks empty. I suggest you to add colors too. But I like your designs, they are quite good and professional

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    apcore_charlotte's Avatar
    the content width is crazily small and looks awful on a high screen resolution too much white space.

    I'd love to see a better transition on your slider.

    Simple is effective, imo, but your width needs changing,

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    The Simulator's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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    Thanks for the input guys. Originally the sliders were gonna span the screen, but then I got thinking bout bloody search engines and changed the design to accomodate text. Remember this isn't my portfolio page so all the work will be displayed on a larger scale and in much more detail over there.

    As for the width...i just fancied doing something different instead of the standard 900 width. I know it looks pretty narrow, but im hoping that my portfolio page should allow my work to be the main focus and hopefully it will look a lot better...in which case i'll probably scrap the homepage lol

    ps. i will be adding a nice transition to the slider eventually.

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    It is kind of narrow. Something different is not always better. I like the tagline.

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    Jul 2011

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    I like the unusual width choice. I agree with Jukie that adding even a subtle colour behind the content, it runs the risk of looking like a display rendering accident. My mind wants the content to be wider, but if it had a background I think I'd be happy that it looks how it should.

    The "Creating strong visual identities to stand the test of time..." looks too times-new-roman at that size, while the rest of the text looks a lot softer and more elegant.

    Here's it fudged, maybe paler but you get the idea:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SS.jpg 
Views:	54 
Size:	20.5 KB 
ID:	4519

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