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Thread: Quoting for Web Design Work

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    Quoting for Web Design Work

    I've been offered a decent piece of freelance work outside of my current job. I need to put together a quotation to build a basic website for them. Does anybody have or know of a form online that they could show me as an example, i'm keen to see how people split the time up between the different areas such as research, seo, design, validation etc. Obviously your rates are personal to you so Im really just looking for a breakdown of different sections and times allocated to them.



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    Not sure if there's a form but this might be a helpful read...

    How much to charge for design work?

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    Thanks Toon, thats a handy article. I actually follow Jacob on Twitter but didnt think to try a site like that.

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    From my experience its good to quote more than the "normal" value of website design is unless you clearly specify to your client in writing what has to be done. The reasons of quoting the customer more at the begining are because they always want to do more work than you agreed with them initially. Customer likes to change his mind and you must make sure you charge him good money for your work. Dont work for peanuts because sometimes people dont understand how much work is needed to create a website. Sometimes even simple website can take days to complete. Other reason is that if your cutomer does not like the quote you can always try to deal with him until you are both satisfied with the price. On the other hand write a contract with the customer stating what is to be done and you will protect yourself of doing extra free work for him. I hope this helps a little.

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    Thanks taklamakan, thats great advice.

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