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    I think its great. It's hard to see with such a small thumbnail (the link to enlarge is broken), but the only comment I have is that the text looks a bit cramped at the bottom. It may be a spacing issue, or it may be that you might want to change the color of the font in one of those sections just to help break it up a bit. I'd love to see a slightly different font color (light grey) for all text underneath "Happy Ever After Party" and before "EAT DRINK..." see what it looks like

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    I think it's pretty much bang on actually. Colours are good, keep the lines, you've got the right amount of fonts - that's the way that this style is done. The only thing I've noticed is that 'tying the knot' isn't perfectly horizntally centred on that ribbon, just needs shifting down a little. Good work!

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    This is excellent design and I like the bottom half.

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    For the and try the font Bickham Script Pro

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