Hey,We (Actionfredag) are a relavtively new progrock band, based in Oslo, Norway. Our self produced music is a mixture of progressive metal, progressive rock, jazz, avant-garde, blackjazz and melodic metal. We regard ourselves as influenced by major 70's prog/jazz bands, aswell as newer melodic metal and avant-garde bands.

Actionfredag was founded early 2010, and we've been enjoying making and playing music since then. So far we have done four live concerts, and we recently recorded our very first single: "Universe Dat Ass".

Our band currently consists of:

In near future we'll get a violinist and another guitar.

ww w. actionfr edag.c om

We recently released our brand new website
While mainly being ment for our norwegian audience, people who do not speak norwegian should'nt have too hard a time navigating the site.

On the website you can find music, pictures and videos. Aswell as concert and event-information.

For convenience you can also find us at:


Links are on the website

Thanks for your time, and enjoy!
We would be very thankful for any comments, and responses to both our music and our website.

- Actionfredag